Need Help With Maths?


We're an innovative tutoring service for all Years 1-12 that offers experienced in-person tuition, plus the option of online tuition (handy before tests and exams!) as well. 

All students are tutored on a 1-1 basis by Dr. Blair Williams, who has a PhD in pure maths from UWA and substantial experience in helping students with their maths.

Blair has a valid "Working with Children" card. 


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Tutoring is either at Joondalup library (see map), or Clarkson or Whitfords or Duncraig or Subiaco libraries, or at your home (where possible).


  • $60/hour for 1-1 in-person tuition @ Joondalup/Clarkson/Whitfords/Duncraig/Subiaco libraries.
  • $65/hour for 1-1 in-person tuition @ your home (where possible).
  • $40/hour for 1-1 online tuition (rising to $45/hour in May 2021)

Our Philosophy

At Ozimaths.com we believe there are some common, core ways in which all students can find improvement. These include:

  • Technique: Blair's long and varied experience has seen him develop a clear, natural style of doing maths that he seeks to impart to his students, particularly in areas like setting-out, notation and presentation of work. 
  • Problem-solving: Blair helps students get 'under the bonnet' in their maths by focusing on what the essentials are in solving maths questions, and also likes to arm them with cool extra techniques and work-arounds where possible to give them that extra edge!
  • Study skills: Blair has some valuable advice for students to help them make their study lives easier before exam time, gleaned from his own extensive experience. By taking a 'bird's-eye' view of a given maths course (and especially keeping the school syllabus in mind) it's possible to break down the study into a manageable, achieveable process.


Dr. Blair Williams graduated with a PhD in pure mathematics from the University of Western Australia (UWA) in 1999 and also a first-class honours degree in pure maths from UWA in 1995. After completing a postdoc at UWA (on online learning) and the University of London (on information security), from 2002 he has focussed on maths education and has built up a unique skill-set of experience, including:

  • 1-1 in-person tutoring experience at primary, secondary and tertiary levels - beginning in 1991 and with a lot of the work since 2002;
  • 5 years working for a national online tutoring provider, answering maths questions from Year 3 -12 on an 'on-demand' basis; 
  • Significant tutoring experience at UWA from 1995 - 2007 and 2018 - 2021 ncluding taking classes of first-year students, marking assignments/exams, helping students with computer-aided learning, and designing and programming maths questions for such packages. Blair also lectured a small group of Indigenous students at UWA and tutored Aboriginal students as part of the 'ATAS' scheme (Aboriginal Tutorial Assistance Scheme). 

Blair's range of educational experience and understanding of the subject enables him to help students improve their technique, acquire tools for problem-solving, and become better 'studiers' as well.  

Online Tutoring Platform

The online tutoring platform we use is scribblar.com  . After starting with us, each student receives login details for their own online classroom which has both chat and whiteboard functionality (and audio if desired). We also give students a free 'demo' session of about 30 minutes to help familiarise themselves with the features of scribblar. 

Work that students do in their online classroom remains there and can be accessed by them at any time, thus providing a valuable extra 'portal' for learning their maths.